Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fathers Day...A Few Days Late

I just realized that I should have had a blogging shout out to my Baby Daddy, also know as my husband. He is a great Dad and a pretty fun person to be sticking out eternity with.

All good Dad's know how to ride a tire swing.

All good Dad's know how to push a tire swing "super crazy high."

All good Dad's know how to pass 95% of their genes on to their offspring. That is how we got these three cute boys.
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Friday, June 15, 2007


Here are a few pic's of our trip to Nauvoo. It was fun and interesting checking out all the Mormon history. One major beef with Nauvoo - there are no decent places to eat there. We are talking a buffet serving potato pearls and a sandwich shop that thinks mayo is the bomb. Here are all the kids making old time paper hats for a parade.

Cruzer thinking that he is the biggest baddest walker on that side of the Mississippi.

Slade poking his little face out of a log cabin.

Blue soaking up the grassy fields and warm humidity.

It was super cool to gain a greater understanding of how things were for the settlers of our church. To better understand what sacrifices were made for the truth. I hope that my family will always carry with us an appreciation of the pioneers and the early Prophets. It is difficult to really have any sort of idea of what life would be like without Tivo and cell phones etc. Let me just say that I might die without my "So You Think You Can Dance" episodes. Hey, maybe it wasn't disease that caused so many problems back then, it was a lack of television. I am a terrible person.
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